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Our Programmes

Integrated Youth and Women Development

Women and Youth Participation in governance, democratic processes, and useful engagements strengthened for peace, Security and National Development

Our Strategy: Capacity Strengthening

Community Development

Our goal is to have equipped and groomed stakeholders that are positively impacting their target beneficiaries and communities, thus, developing and sustaining their organizations, with low or minimum dependence on external support.

Our Strategy: Community Engagement

Social accountability and Justice

We want a Country predicated on values of good governance and democratic principles with well-informed populace that freely demand their rights, resouces judiciously managed, functional services and facilities provided by duty bearers for the benefits of all.

Our Strategy: Right-based Advacacy

Networking and Institutional Development

Functional framework for networking, collaboration and shared learning among CRUDAN and member organizations established with optimized use of ICT and new media opportunities, for maximizing capabilities of members and ownership of CRUDAN vision.

Our Strategy: Linking, Liasing and Institutional Strengthening.