Members' Privileges & Obligations


CRUDAN is a membership organization.

There are two types of membership in CRUDAN. These are:

  • Individual members
  • Corporate members.

Individual Membership
Individual registration fee is N 3,000
Annual membership due is N 3,000.
Total = N 6000.

Corporate Membership
Corporate registration fee is N 10,000
Annual membership due is N 10,000.
Total = N 20,000.

Note: After the first year, Annual due for Individual Membership will be just N 3,000, while Annual due for Corporate Membership will be N 10,000.

Privileges (Rights) & Obligations (Responsibilities)

Most, if not all members of organizations including those approached to register will always demand to know what will be their benefits or gains.

We will approach this from two view points, namely : benefits (privileges) and obligations (responsibilities).

Benefits or Privileges

Upon successful registration, the following are some benefits for members:

  • Each member is the first to be invited to attend both CRUDAN sponsored trainings, and other types (of training), thereby enhancing their capacities, thus gaining more competencies.
  • If the training is for 2-3 days-a CRUDAN sponsored training, CRUDAN will take care of the participant’s feeding and accommodation;
  • A member becomes the stakeholder/owner of the organization;
  • Member attends the organization's scheduled meetings and takes part in the deliberations and decision making, and policies development/formulation.
  • A member can be voted to play certain roles in the organization
  • Each member gets into a networking privilege with other members, where collaborative efforts could be made for mutual benefit.
  • Members, with their capacities, are part of CRUDAN resource persons/facilitators, such that once they facilitate certain training, events and activities they will be fully paid the fees/honoraria.
  • Freely receives CRUDAN Quarterly Newsletter.
  • Once CRUDAN receives advance information and request from members, it (CRUDAN) serves as reference and can write letters as referee whenever the member intends to submit an Expression of interest to submit proposals for funding projects.
  • Members could be linked with organizations, both within and outside the country for sharing of information, ideas, experiences and other resources
  • Members can have access to the Resource Centre, located at both headquarters and Zonal offices around the country, to carry out research work or and read/study certain information from different sources.
  • Specific training on any aspect of development work can be organized for group of individual members and corporate one(s) based on their requests.

Obligations/Responsibilities of the members towards CRUDAN

Below are some of the obligations/responsibilities:

  • Contribute resources, as funds and material by paying registration fees and annual dues, which also serves as investing in the Lord’s work/ministry- through CRUDAN (Matthew 25:31-45, etc).
  • Member could advice the organization on how to access and harness resources for the organization’s programs and activities.
  • Could connect CRUDAN to other organizations and communities to enable them benefit from its (CRUDAN) capacities, competencies and services.