CRUDAN is looking for a person to fill the vacant position of a Project Officer for the Nigeria Plastic and E-Waste Project as follows:

Job Title: Project Officer, Nigeria Plastic and E-Waste Project

Team: West Africa
Job Location: Yola
Contact period: One (1) year with a possibility of extension
Responsible to: Executive Director

Part 1 - Job Description
Role Purpose
-- To facilitate local churches and communities to support a youth group (Yola Renewal Foundation) in the delivery of projects that are environmentally and economically sustainable as part of Nigeria country strategy and Tearfund cooperate priority.

-- Responsible to the Executive Director CRUDAN
-- Collaborates and coordinates closely with the rest of the CRUDAN
-- Collaboration and coordination closely with the CRUDAN Advocacy officer
-- The Executive Director (CRUDAN) is responsible for giving approval for disbursement of funds during each stage of the implementation of the project

● The post-holder will, at all times, carry out his/her responsibilities with the utmost respect for the protection of children in accordance with CRUDAN and Tearfund’s Child Protection Policy.
● The post-holder will be required to actively participate in the spiritual life of CRUDAN in the following ways:
- To model godly leadership in all aspects of character and conduct.
- To lead or contribute in Christian worship, prayer, teaching and biblical reflections during collective staff prayer times and encourage staff to attend as is appropriate.
- To be committed to and share in the outworking of CRUDAN’s Mission, Purpose, Values and Statement of Faith which are consistent with Tearfund’s
- To actively work and live in accordance with CRUDAN’s Statement of Faith consistent with Tearfund’s Christian ethos.
- To pursue and maintain a Christian faith through ongoing personal spiritual development and a relationship with God.
- To provide support and spiritual encouragement to staff and colleagues, in line with biblical principles.
- The post-holder will be expected to behave in accordance with CRUDAN and Tearfund’s ‘Code of Conduct’ as referred to in the Personal Conduct Policy.

● The post holder will work closely with the Advocacy officer of CRUDAN and Advocacy manager of Tearfund to develop, monitor, implement and evaluate the project ensuring consistency with the EES component of the country strategy.

● The post-holder is responsible to coach, mentor, advice, train and otherwise support to Yola Renewal Foundation to deliver the Nigeria Plastic Waste Project.
● The post-holder will work closely with CRUDAN Advocacy officer and Tearfund Advocacy manager in order to deliver the project meeting the expected standard of quality;
● The post holder reports to Executive Director (CRUDAN) who is responsible for giving approval for disbursement of funds during each stage of the implementation of the project

Designing, Implementing, Monitoring, and Reporting
● Assist Yola Renewal Foundation to design the project meeting EES requirements and relevant standards;
- Support, Counsel and guide Yola Renewal Foundation to work as a movement of youth in the training, production, branding, marketing, and distribution of pavement tiles, Charcoal briquettes and compost

● Supervise the Establishment of a Community waste recycling hub as a workspace for production, branding, marketing, and distribution of pavement tiles, Charcoal briquettes and compost
● Carry out monitoring visits to the project and advice and support Yola Renewal Foundation staff and Volunteers with the identification and solution of technical issues, providing support, coaching, mentoring and guidance;
● Work with CRUDAN financial staff, to help monitor financial reports to ensure accurate budget management;
● Prepare and submit field visit reports, project review reports, technical progress reports and other periodic reports to CRUDAN to fulfill the programme management requirement for the project;
● where necessary, get involved in local government line agencies and NGOs for monitoring the project with views to sharing the learning from the project.

Capacity building and knowledge management
● Ensure Yola Renewal Foundation has adequate technical capacity to deliver EES outcomes through the project. Where there are gaps identified
● Organize trainings in Project management, Paving tiles, Charcoal briquette and compost making ensuring that trainees acquire capacities that enables them produce products with requisite quality to compete in the market
● Collect learning of Yola Renewal Foundation, analyze, manage the knowledge, and distribute to different users and audiences in order to improve and promote EES work in Yola , Adamawa state, Nigeria and in other Tearfund programme countries.

Policy and Influencing
● Convene policy sessions in collaboration with Yola Renewal foundation and state authorities in Yola, Adamawa state with a view to putting the model of the Community waste recycling hub on the public domain as an effective pathway to managing urban waste, creating jobs and sustainable urban cities.
● Support the Yola Renewal Foundation to collaborate with relevant state authority in developing a draft Policy on Plastic and Urban Waste Management.
● Support Yola Renewal Foundation in organizing community outreaches on Sustainable waste management as a strategy of developing community awareness and capacities in sustainable Management of Plastic and bio-degradable waste
● Develop education, awareness, and sharing documents, and extension materials such as project briefs, lessons learned papers, policy brief papers etc. for sharing the experiences of and information on the project with Beneficiaries, Policymakers, communities and stakeholders.
● Participate in related forums and meetings and share the experience of the project with the objective to bring positive changes enabling Adamawa state transition to a sustainable state.

● Oversee and monitor the integration and implementation of Tearfund’s Quality Standards in Tearfund and partner programming, including advising and arranging capacity building in the quality standards.
● Contribute towards promoting and adhering to CRUDAN and Tearfund’s Purpose, Basis of Faith, Core Values and Operating Principles.
● Provide support and guidance to Yola Renewal Foundation to ensure all activities are compliant with standard operating procedures.