Election Matters 2023

Play Your Part

It is so beautiful to have you read our maiden article on Election Matters 2023, as we trust God that it will have an impact on all readers across all political and religious divides. We will commit to bringing you interesting topics and thoughts these days, and we do hope you will commit to reading them too.

It was John F. Kennedy that opined that:

“The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all”.

John F. Kennedy

And the antidote to ignorance is knowledge. Socrates was reputed to have said that:

“the secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new”.


Indeed, constructive criticism is shown on the ballot box. Our actions and inactions in a time like this will speak volumes in the years to come. Although the zeal of many has in the years past died down on the positive transformation of Nigeria and her hope for Africa, we have recently witnessed a surge in that zeal and we do hope that is it maintained. True change in any nation, lies in the dissatisfaction of her people and their desire to see the positive transformation of her society. This begins with the self-realization of most of her citizens.

Every government of the day reflects the people. A floating citizenry will create a floating government. When we ourselves are not accountable, then the government of the day won’t be. The readiness to change any society lies heavily in the people. If we had people in every sector of the country, doing their best and committed to the true change we desire, to a real extent, change will be achieved in the society. True change is the collective efforts of the people in a society who do not leave things to fate, but rather are actively involved in molding the fate of the society.

There is goodness in every person which when brought to bear will benefit the next person. Beyond chants and cliché, true change begins with each person. There is a level of intentionality we need to bring to bear, and it should direct the birthing of the Nigeria of our dream, void of insecurities, divisions, hatred and anger, and all other vices. A country where we celebrate our uniqueness and the beauty of our diversity. It begins with the intellectual liberation of the people, as ignorance is a burden that is anti-progress. We believe that we might disagree in many respects, however, we can all agree that the good of this country will benefit the majority of her citizens.

Therefore, we implore you to do the right thing in the forthcoming election, imploring others to do the same, so we can all have a country we can be proud to call ours in the years to come, and may posterity judge us considerate to their survival and thriving.

Written by Ambrose Monokha Paul

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