Posted on: Mon, Jun 2019

Success Story: Hosea Zedex Votapwa from New Life Gospel Centre (Our Father’s House, Demsawo Community, Yola, Adamawa State North-East Zone

My name is Hosea Zedex Votapwa from New Life Gospel Centre (Our Father’s House), Demsawo Community, Yola, Adamawa State. I attended the CRUDAN capacity building workshop for youths on Integrated Waste Management held at Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria from 12-14 December, 2017

Before the workshop, I had little or no knowledge that nothing good can come out from waste. Waste clothes/ jeans were either thrown out or burned.

But after attending the CRUDAN workshop on Integrated Waste Management, I realized that I have thousands of naira littered in and around my compound and neighborhood in form of waste. With the knowledge acquired from the workshop, I decided to look at how to turned the waste into wealth.  I collected the waste Clothes/and Jeans in my house and around my compound and with my skills as a shoe designer, I produce foot wears from the worn-out clothes/jean material. I succeeded in making and producing two pairs of shoes which were sold out at the rate of one thousand (N1000) and two thousand five hundred Naira (N2,500) respectively. The Hausa has a saying that “he who lives by the well or river side should never complain of being thirsty.”

I learnt that waste is never a menace to the community depending on how well it is managed. If managed properly, it can promote circular economy thereby stabilizing the economy.

During the process, I was faced with the challenge of mockery from my mother and my boss at work. When my mother saw me gathering the waste clothes, she said; “something is definitely wrong with your brains, what do you want to do with trash of waste you are gathering and bringing into my compound”. My boss on the other hand, said “you are very sick” he said I was wasting money in buying gum and other materials.


After producing the shoes, my mother and my boss really appreciated my effort and asked me to forgive them for the mockery they have made and asked me to keep it up. The members of my community also commended my effort for such creativity. They have now resorted to storing worn-out cloths for me to make some nice foot wear out of it. Some neighbors have offered to sell out the shoes whenever they are produced. A chain and synergy of business is about to surface. My thanks to CRUDAN for building my capacity. “Our trash is fast turning into cash!!”

Hosea Zedex Votapwa

Demsawo Community, Yola Nigeria :09095760025


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