Biodiversity (a reflection on world Environmental Day 2020)

Biodiversity (a reflection on world Environmental Day 2020)

Today’s topic on our radio program:

Conservation of Biodiversity (a reflection on world Environmental Day 2020)

by Serah Gundiri Director Forestry State Ministry of Environment.

The discussant talked about the relationship that exists between inhabitants of an environment(plants, animals, and human beings) where the absences of one the other can be affected.

Animals depend on plants for food, take in oxygen, and release carbon dioxide which plants use to released oxygen. Humans feed on both plants and animals. And plants use both humans and animals’ waste products to get nutrients, even in the soil, there microorganisms like worms and termites dig holes for air to reach the root of these plants. The relationship is an inseparable one. That, its how God made it.

She, therefore, added that tree planting is highly encouraged due to its impact on the environment and its economic benefit. When one tree is cut off, two trees should be planted as that is the best way to maintain our forest and to continue enjoying the benefits from it.

She also pointed out the economic importance of trees in an environment to be:

1. Wind trackers prevent houses from being destroyed by the wind.

2. It takes carbon dioxide. Even generators smoke that which kill in an conducive environment, trees can help prevent humans and animals from being destroyed.

3. Trees can be used for roofing houses

4. Firewood

5. Almost all the medicines came from trees.

6. Tree shades for our comfort etc.

She further said deforestation has serious consequences. It’s the cause of desert encroachment, rural to urban migration, and the topmost soil being washed away by water during raining season.

In conclusion, she said there should be awareness on the need to plant trees, and there is no time for planting trees and any tree has its economic benefits as mentioned earlier. Illegal deforestation or cutting down of trees should be reported to the appropriate authorities.

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