About our Organization

Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria, CRUDAN.

We are a Christian Inter-denominational, not-for-profit, Non-Governmental organization. A membership organization that has its members- churches, Christian organizations and individuals that are engaged or interested in development work in Nigeria. It has the main goal of promoting the growth of the Church in Nigeria by assisting in rural/urban development work that is part of her witness. CRUDAN serves the Church all over Nigeria in Wholistic development work.

CRUDAN was formed in 1990, following the merger of two Christian organizations that operated independently in the country, namely Christian Rural Advisory Council (CRAC), founded in 1965 in the Northern part of Nigeria, and Christian Rural Fellowship of Nigeria (CRFN), established in 1953, in the southern part of Nigeria. Being a membership organization, the members form the general assembly that elects the board.

CRUDAN has five (5) zones within the country namely; Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest zones with a zonal Facilitator and an Administrative Assistant for each zone. With this arrangement, CRUDAN is able to effectively cover the whole nation. CRUDAN began operation in 1991 and was officially registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of the federal Government of Nigeria on 7 December 1992. Registration number 7111.