Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria (CRUDAN) is a Christian interdenominational, not-for-profit, Non-Governmental Organization.

We are a membership association of Christian individuals, faith-based development organizations and other civil society organizations (CSO) in Nigeria. CRUDAN’s vision is a dynamic self-sustained Christian organization facilitating (w)holistic community transformation with the church as agent of change and manifesting the kingdom of GOD on earth. CRUDAN’s work is making thousands of Nigeria’s rural and urban poor families to regain their lives through enhanced voices for accountable and just leadership, Christian wholistic education and humanitarian action during emergencies. We collaborate with the Church, media and other members of civil society in wholistic development work in the campaign to realize a truly egalitarian society.


CRUDAN was formed in 1990,following the merger of two Christian organizations which operated independently in the country: Christian rural Advisory Council (CAC) founded in 1965 in the northern part of and Christian Rural fellowship of Nigeria (CRF) in the Southern part of Nigeria which was established in 1953.


As a membership organisation, the members elect a Board at the General Assembly. The Board oversees policy  the direction of the association in conjunction with Management.

CRUDAN has five (5) zones within the country: namely Central, Northeast, and Northwest, Southeast and, Southwest zones. A Zonal Facilitator and an Administrative Assistant are based in each zone to work with the members and effectively cover the country.

CRUDAN began operation in 1991, and is officially registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on December 7, 1992. Registration Number is 7111.